Wardrobe | handgloves

I introduce mine cute bow handgloves, these handsgloves are from H&M.
They have it in two colours well thats what I saw but ,anyways they have it in camel and badau red, maybe also in black but like I said I only saw these two colours so I'm not sure. It's cost 12,95 I thought. I never saw these gloves online only in stores. What I really like is the bow at the end, so cute, it's not to big and not to small. The outside feels so soft like the inside and it is comfortable, the material is a imitation suede, a thin material. The disadvantage is unfortunaley that it don't protect from the cold. The benefit is it's not necessary to take the gloves off  cause is possible to type on touchscreen! How funny is that. Well at least with the Iphone you don't have to take it off. thats a big plus. The handgloves gives your outerwear a extra touch, it fits almost with everything especially with leather jackets and trenchcoats. The camel colour is nice with black, white or dark blue.

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