Lost clothes

I have a strange problem, uhm the problem is that most of the time I get my clothes lost for at least a month, and I always find my clothes back in my damn closet! Having many clothes is not always advantage, but more disadvantage, I always get lost in my closet if I looking what to wear. Now I thinking about my

 mango sweater again, cause I was searching for that, it's lost for a month now and it's driving me crazy, cause I want to wear it. So I throw all my clothes out the closet and searching than with bad result. I never clean my closet up, cause it's taking to much time. 

Sometimes I want to throw all of my clothes away and start all over again, ok, I'm over rejecting but you get the point. I'm kind of a strange person, haha. Still I keep on buying more clothes! Does someone else have the same problem or am I the only one.



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  2. I have the same problem...I think it is that my clothes that are heaped under the hanging clothes is too deep of a pile to tackle.
    Happy New Year! Cheers to cleaning closets and organizing in 2012!

  3. Ik heb altijd alles op kleur hangen haha, zodat ik niks kwijtraak. x