Beauty | Clinique high impact curling mascara

Clinique high impact curling mascara is for me the best mascara at the moment. I'm using it now for more than 2 years. I tried the sample first for a half year before I bought the full size. I was so pleased with the result.

The mascara remains good on my eyelashes without leaving lumps. It does makes the lashes curlier and longer than it was. It sits throughout the whole day even with exercising, so basically it's waterproof. The best thing of this mascara that it is removable with warm water, you don't need ''make-up remover''.

When you apply the mascara it is going to dry out, in other words ''hard''. During the shower I remove the mascara gently. First I make the mascara soft with warm water, for about 10 seconds than it is easily removable. I had tried to remove it with make-up remover, but that doesn't work well.

This is my second high curling mascara. I bought it last year somewhere in october, I almost use it daily. It cost 20 euro and it is worth every penny, I definitely recommend it to everyone. I'll keep buying this one in the future.


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  1. Ik heb deze mascara ook gehad, ik vind hem heel erg fijn! ♥