Beauty | False eyelashes

Wow, it's been a while I posted, I've been so busy lately. Searching for a job, working on projects what important is for me, it's going slow, but I'll get there, and the weather here doesn't make it better, it is spring already still it keeps raining all the time.

So yesterday me and my friend went to Kinkerstraat we bought some beauty items. We love Kinkerstraat and we visit monthly. I'm not a beauty type girl, but since I discovered Michelle Phan (check her videos out, she is amazing!) following her for a couple months now, I started to like make-up. It's not a daily use for me.

Anyway, the fake lashes are from Essence they were 2,50 euro! It can't be cheaper than that, if so? Let me know please. Most of the beauty Guru's on Youtube using false eyelashes and I seriously love it. False eyelashes add a distinctive dimension to your appearance and that's what I love about. I'm excited to try them on, a lot of say that they are hard to apply, and my patient level is not high, I hope it's going to work out.

Some girls are into fake nails, extensions, clips et cetera. I'm not into that.
I want to know what your opinion is about false eyelashes.



  1. wow,I want them <33

    thank you for your wonderful comment *__*

  2. love it all!