I got my shoes finally! I'm very pleased with the black heels and the wedge and thankfully the wedge fits me. Welcome to the family lovelies. So, as much as I love the Fanny Lyckman design, I'm seriously disappointed with this shoe. The given price tag for this shoe is not worth the price in my opinion. The quality is so bad, I knew it wasn't real leather, but I never thought the material would be so bad and also the golden detail of one shoelace is missing. I don't have a choice to send it back. Ps have you seen the video of Miguel? He falls on two fans at Billboards Music Awards. What an idiot, but it was funny though.


  1. omg.. amazing shoes. seriously. im in love.. was it that bad comparing to the price? btw i havent seen miguel mv yet i'll check it out!

    1. Yeah, the quality is really bad for that price and also the golden detail is missing on one of the shoelace. I have to return it. If that wasnt missing I probably would kept it.

  2. YEs,that bootie looks amazing.But the looks can deceive us?I don't know but it just looks awesome girl haha.

  3. The shoes look amazing, so sad that they disapoint because they look great in pictures!

  4. Oh my!!!!
    The white one are amazing :-)

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia