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ok, goodnight everyone!


  1. hee,

    I just want to say it's quit unfair how your giveaway works, you put 1 to 29, but some people had 4 or 5 comments, so they had a way bigger chance then the once with only one comment. It's not that i'm bittered or something i didn't win, but i think it's not fair to pick one out of 29 when there only 20 (or something close) people 'really' left a comment.

  2. Hi Eva,
    Its not unfair, because if you read the giveway clearly you would have know, that for each extra entry you could leave a extra comment. The three ladies read it so they did it. Take a look again and you will see that it does stands clearly. Have a nice day.

  3. OMG!!! Im so happy!!! I never win something thank you so much! Eva it's quite unfair for you to say that ''it's unfair'' if someone would won with just one comment you would not say a thing.