Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration | Blumarine's Floral Hysteria Highlights

Anna Molinari took the Flower trend so seriously in her Blumarine's Floral Hysteria spring summer 2012 collection during the Milan Fashion week. She is known as for her inspiration and if she got inspired by Flower and she wanted to show that inspiration, but the outfits what she showed was actually tackiness. Thats her style I guess and she gave it to us. No doubt that there are some really nice pieces what I liked and cute too, with a teenage look and a feminine touch. During the show you see flower patterns, prints, accessories. First half of the show she showed colorful pieces, and the second half total white and black pieces. I show you the pieces what I instantly fell in love for not the outfits, haha. My favorite is definitely the flower shorts. Besides the tackiness there are many DIY potentials.