Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New in

From Monday till today I'm shopping to get the things what I want. Today I'm going to the city again and tomorrow to Zaandam. I'm trying to get everything this week. The plan is - after I get everything ,I gonna take a break for 2 months. Or else I spend all my money on clothes etc. I don't want that. Yesterday I bought these two both are from H&M. The color of the blazer comes different out on the photo its more a creme colour. Unfortunately the blazer has a stain at the collar, now I have to change it. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creations | Want to make

Yesterday I was looking in my closet and I found out I don't have a skater dress. So I went online searching for a dream skater dress and I founded this dress on topshop. Of course, they don't have the colour I want, and some details I dont like. The plan is to make a look a like of this dress. The back is gonna be different, the skirt more puffy and the sleeves will be skipped and in stand of mesh, I gonna use lace. I hope I can make time and engery this week to sew the dress.