DIY transform t-shirt into one shoulder crop top

Hey! Here is another quick and easy clothing hack for you. last week I did the same trick with a different basic shirt. Since my plan is to make two more with this hack, I might as well share how I transformed my simple basic shirt into a one shoulder top.  I came up with the idea, because I was not feeling paying 30 euros for a simple one shoulder top. You can watch the video here or click on gimme more for the written tutorial.

elastic 8mm
basis shirt
sewing machine

How to make a one shoulder top
Step 1
Lay your shirt on a flat service, make it wrinkle free.

Step 2
Make a new neckline. You can draw out the shape first before cutting. Then try on the shirt to check if you you're happy with the new shape.

Step 3 
You can skip this step if you don't want a crop. From your marking, cut straight across your shirt.

Step 4
Measure the elastic along the edge, leave this much space and cut the elastic.

Step 5
Sew ends together with a zigzag stitch.

Step 6
Pin the elastic in four midpoints. In the shoulder seam, side seam, centre front and in the centre back as shown.

Step 7
Sew the elastic on with a zigzag stitch, stretch the elastic while your sewing.

Step 8
Fold the edge then sew along the edge again, using a zigzag stitch. Stretch out the top when you sew.

one shoulder crop top tutorial
Step 9
Hem top. Use a zigzag stitch.

one shoulder DIY
Congratulations you're done!

Let me know what your thoughts are for this clothing hack! If you going to make this top, you're more than welcome to share your picture's with me via Instagram or Twitter.

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DIY one shoulder crop top from t-shirt

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