Thursday, December 6, 2018


My latest purchase from Black Friday sale! It was on my wish list for a hot minute, patiently waiting for sale or a discount code, lol. Why? This is my solution not to buy everything I like that I don't need. It works for me because most of the stuff are sold out in my size before it goes on sale. What drew me to these boots is the crazy heel and the zip detail at the front and they are extremely comfortable these boots are really made for walking. You can find them here.

There is a similar one in crocodile texture here, which I also like but I'm not going to purchase that one due to the different colour of the sole. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


I bought this lamp just for the sake a lamp was needed for the bedroom and it was on sale! In picture it does look all right but in person I don't like the lampshade. That is the danger of sale or Black friday, you tend to buy stuff you don't need or don't like in my case. 

You have probably seen these type of lamps for several years on Pinterest or Tumblr, especially in Boho/Scandinavian style decors. I think I will combine the Enoki(image 3) and Koushi(image 6) style lamp into one, but I could also go for the easy road and cover my lampshade with stretched fabric like the Petite Friture lamp(image 5) which is designed by Marc Sarrazin. Either way my lampshade has the perfect shape for this future DIY project. Which lampshade do you like the most from the photos? 

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Hey Pretties! Its been a long time that I posted something on this blog but I forgot to mention some stuff in the tutorial. In the video the edges were not finished, my laziness strikes again, but if you want to have nice finished edges use the french seam technique for the bodice piece. Here is a good explained video if you never heard of this technique (watch here). If you're not good with patterns that is totally fine. Use a 4-way stretch fitted basic top as template to cut out the bodice. This lace trim came out of nowhere I have no I idea where I got it from, its either from a local market or perhaps from Ebay. The tutorial for this top can be watched here! Let me know what you think of this top. If you know who this girl is from the photo let me know. One more thing if you know where I can purchase nipple covers for dark skin please let me know. Boohoo had some but it's unfortunately sold out in my skin colour.