Creations | Halo flower headband

I fell in love with the Halos flower headband; the headbands were spotted on runways, magazines and celebrities. On webshops are the headbands a kind of priceless. So this is what I've made today, obviously I made it with standard tape, haha. That's not the cleanest way of course. Anyway there are several ways to make it: with rope, tape whatever you like. It's less an hour work and cheap, I recommend to give it a try. 



  1. very pretty!! I like it a lot :D

  2. Really nice and cute <3

    Let's see on my blog the initiative of H&M..You can partecipate personally!
    Kisses, Elly

  3. looks lovely! xx

  4. so cute and pretty :-) I bet you'd look good with it

  5. I stocked up on floral garlands last summer and love wearing them with boho dresses. Yours is amazing. Great job! I'd totally wear it!

  6. Hi love,

    thank you so much for your lovely comment! Put such a smile on my face!!

    Want to follow each other?! :-)

    Kisses Julia