I bought this coat on Thursday at New Yorker; finally I have my own coat with leather sleeves. Actually it's by coincidence that I have this coat. I literally never go to New Yorker. I was even planning to do a DIY for you guys. I'm going about to tell you a long story how I got this coat be prepared. The day before I got this coat, I went to New Yorker in the city with my neighbor she wanted to go there. They had many coats on sale, I tried some, but didn't bought anything that day. That evening I went on their site to see if they had more coats in sale, then I came across this coat. I wanted to order the jacket online, but that wasn't possible. I was like; shit I need this coat. Then I found out that was another store outside the city I totally forgot it. The next day I went to New Yorker outside the city and of course they had a lot over there. Maybe I'm still going to do a DIY for you all how to make a coat with leather sleeves.



  1. this is a gorgeous coat! good job on getting it. love the leather sleeves too!

  2. What an incredible coat! I'm sure it's going to be super useful these days :)

    Lubna |

  3. great coat!

    tnx so much for stoppin by at my spot, really hope we'll stay in touch! =)