These two precious toys will make my life easier. A lot of you will be thinking; what the fuck is that? They actually are stitching foots one is for the zipper and the other one is for attaching bias band. Can you imagine you would throw your precious things away? The answer is probably ''no'', right? Well, I did throw these foots away two or three days ago. Today I searched everywhere; I was already blaming my mom, haha. I found them 20 minutes ago in the trash. I was really crying about this. Sunday or Monday I cleaned up my room. The stitching foots where in a small paper bag on my chest of drawer. They are so light weight that I thought the bag was empty and throw it away. First it was in my bag in an inside pocket, I do remember thinking I would avoid problems if I would leave it at home, but instant I put myself in a stressful situation, haha. 


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  2. oh so lucky you found them, i'd cry too!