Hello! I have a new tutorial for you guys. These type of bodycon jumpsuit are everywhere lately unfortunately way too overpriced in stores. I made mine out of legging and a tank top, I got this idea from my dream, haha. The tutorial can be watched right here.

You need
high waisted legging
tank top
sewing machine

How to
 Step 1 Put the top inside the legging then pull the legging up till desired height. Once your happy with the height, mark the height with a pin.
Tip Wear the top inside out.

Step 2 Then you need to cut of the extra fabric off. Leave some seam allowance below the pin.
Optional Draw stichting line with a chalk on the inside of the top.

Step 3 This a optional step. I removed the elastic to get extra length, so I could get the height that I wanted. It is time consuming and it also depends how high waisted you want your jumpsuit to be.

Step 4 Turn your top inside out and place it over the legging then pin them together all the way around. Sew it down with a straight or a zig-zag stitch. Make sure to stretch the fabric when you sew.

step 5 Cut off the extra seam allowance if you and finish off the edge with a serger.