Hey everyone, in this post I will show you how to transform a T-shirt into a skirt! This DIY clothing hack is so amazing and super easy to do, it will only take you 10 minutes or so. Someone commented in one of my videos and came up with the idea. Grab your old shirts and give this DIY a try.

You need
XXL T-shirt
Safety pin
(Needle & thread)

Fold your shirt in half with the hem lined up. Before folding the shirt, give it a nice press with the iron or smooth the shirt with your hands to get rid of the wrinkles.

Then cut undertheath the sleeve straight across.

Once done, continue with the bottom half of the shirt.  

Next, create a small hole in the bottom hem with the seam ripper.

It should look like this

Measure the length of the elastic by wrapping it around the waist and cut the desired length off. The, and attach the safety pin onto one end of the elastic.

Insert the elastic in the hole you've created earlier, feed the elastic through the tunnel until you reach the other end of the hole. PS. the elastic has to be the same width as the hem or just a tiny bit slimmer. 

After feeding the elastic through the tunnel, secure both end with the safety pin.

Stretch out the bottom half so that the elastic will spread evenly into the tunnel, make sure that the ends of the elastic doesn't go into that hole. Then double if the elastic isn't twisted in the tunnel, go over with your fingers all the way around the hem.

When the elastic is not twisted in the hem, overlap the ends of elastic and secure it with a straight or a zigzag stitch.

Close the hole you've created earlier with the sewing machine or with needle and thread.

When you're done your skirt should look like this now.

If you give this DIY a try, you can share your creation with me via Instagram or Twitter! Good luck!

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  1. Great idea!! I also love your shirt, where is it from?


  2. such a good idea! I hope to try this soon