Sunday, April 21, 2019
DIY Primark t-shirt into off shoulder ruffle top

Hey there! I just posted another T-shirt transformation tutorial on my Youtube channel. I'll show you how to upcycle this T-shirt into an off the shoulder ruffle crop top. I got this T-shirt in a double extra large and it was only 3 euro! I was thinking about to make a two-piece set. Watch the tutorial if you want to see, how I've done it right here.
DIY t-shirt into off shoulder ruffle crop top

If you're a size 34/36 then you can use the exact same measurement to make your pattern. If you are a bigger size then you can use my measurements as a reference to make your own pattern. The dashed line is the elastic placement, you can place the elastic under or above the dashed lines.

If you have questions about the diagram leave a comment below.

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ruffle crop top sewing pattern

Watch tutorial here

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