Sunday, July 14, 2019

DIY off the shoulder crop top with puffy sleeves
Hi there! It's been a while I've posted something on this blog, but there is a new video live on Youtube! You can watch the sewing tutorial right here. The pattern reference is without seam allowance and if you're a size 34, you can simply take over the measurements; otherwise, you can use it as a ref. The dashed line is where I've sewed the elastic band on the sleeve.

DIY off the shoulder top with buckle and puffy sleeves
For all the slowpokes out there don't forget to serge all raw edges and add the seam allowance in your measurements or when drafting the pattern. There are also other ways to draft this pattern, for example, you can make this bodice more fitted which I have shown in the past many times but than you have to add a zipper. 2. The elastic band can be added in the front as well. 3. You can add extra ease in the bodice. 4. Another thing you can do is making a sweetheart neckline in the front bodice. 5. line this top, et cetera. Be creative, experiment, practice, and if you still have questions, you know where to find me.

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DIY off the shoulder top sewing pattern

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