Monday, May 27, 2019
How to make a wrap skirt

Another sewing tutorial! In this post, I will show how to make a wrap skirt with ruffle hem. Still, need to add the buttonhole I will try to do that this week and probably make a video about it. This skirt is pretty easy to make so read more to see how you can make this ruffle skirt for yourself. Get the pattern for this skirt here.

how to wrap skirt tutorial

Sewing machine
Overlocker (optional)
waistband interfacing
Sewing pins
Gathering foot
Bias tape maker

How to make a wrap skirt step 1
How to make a ruffle wrap skirt
Step 1
Gather the two ruffles panels with a gathering presser foot, if you don't have this presser foot you can do it the old fashion way. I have a video where you can learn 5 different ways to gather, watch it here.

DIY ruffle wrap skirt tutorial
Step 2
Attach the ruffled panels to the centre front of the front panel with the right sides facing. After sewing the two panels together you can topstitch, this step is optional.

How to make darts in wrap skirt
How to hem a wrap skirt
Step 3
Sew in the darts and hem the back. When you sew the darts, do not backstitch when you reach the dart point then knot ends of thread 3 times. Press the darts flat facing the center of the back panel.

How to make a wrap skirt step step 4
Step 4
Sew the back and front pieces together along the sides. After sewing the two pieces together you can topstitch the sides, this step is optional.

how to add waistband to a wrap skirt
Step 5
Attach the waistband to the skirt by sewing the waistband along the top edge of the skirt with the right sides facing. Use sewing pins to keep everything together when you're sewing. After attaching the waistband, iron the seam allowance upwards and press the seam open.

how to make bias tape for wrap skirt
Step 6
Make the tie by using the biggest bias tape maker 25mm, once you have made the bias tape with the iron, fold the bias tape in half again and iron it flat.

How to waistband to DIY wrap skirt
Step 7
Place the tie in the waistband fold the waistband in half and sew it down with a straight stitch. Repeat the same step with the other tie

How to make a wrap skirt step 8
how to add straps to wrap skirt
Step 8
Trim the corner of the seam allowance then flip the waistband to reveal the tie. Repeat the same step with the other tie

DIY wrap skirt with waistband
understitch DIY wrap skirt
Step 9
For the last step fold the waistband then sew the waistband into place with a topstitch. If you're going to do the stitch in the ditch like I did, make sure to fold the waistband over the stitch line so that the stitches catch the other side of the waistband.

Step 10 (optional)
Make a buttonhole in the waistband above the side seam this will allow you to insert the tie in the buttonhole.

If you have questions leave it in the comment!

Picture of a wrap skirt
DIY ruffle wrap skirt results
DIY wrap skirt final finish


  1. Hello! I'm a high school apparel and textiles teacher and my girls and I need help with the tie on the waist - it says buttonhole is optional... How can you do it without the button hole? We cant figure out how to tie the waist tie without being "exposed" or adding the button hole. Can you explain that a little more? Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness she is just too cute and you are too creative!!!! Good job!


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